NOTE:  It is recommended your track is secured to the wall by screwing into as many wall studs as possible.  If it is not possible to line up with all available wall studs you can use plasterboard fittings (see illustration 1).     NOTE:  If using the Gallery System Clear Tape system, leave at least […]

Clear Tape

Pull tape from dispenser pack and cut off required length. Feed tape up through slot in the locking capsule and then back down through the same slot to form a large loop.   IMPORTANT: The short end must be to the front of the capsules as shown or the locking action will fail.   2. […]

Stainless Cable

First feed the wire cable through the track slides as shown.   2. Tilt the track slide to insert into the underside of the track (can be fitted at any point along the track).   3. Straighten the track slide so it sits level in the track.   4. The hanger is now captive and […]

Allen Key Hooks

Directions – Gallery System Standard Allen Key Hooks   These Hooks are for use with both Gallery Clear Tape and the Gallery Stainless Steel Cable Hangers.    DIRECTIONS: Slack off the screw using the key provided and feed the end of the clear tape (or stainless cable) through the hook body. Slide to the required position and tighten. […]

Push-Button Hooks

Directions – Gallery Push-Button Hooks   The Gallery System Push-Button Hooks are for use with Gallery System Stainless Steel Cable Hangers.   DIRECTIONS: Feed the stainless steel cable into the hole in the top of the hook.   Push the button down and the hook will move freely on the cable. The hook   grips the cable when the […]