About Us

Since 1987 Gallery Systems has expanded from a small workshop to a factory manufacturing and exporting products across the globe. We are proud to say we are Australian owned and operated.  Although the founder Bruce Green has since retired, Jillian (who worked for Bruce for over 16 years) and her husband Malcolm purchased Gallery Systems in July 2017.  (See below for ‘The Story of Gallery Systems’) Their goal is to continue with Bruce’s legacy, by offering high-quality products, continued innovation, great value for clients, with the added bonus of amazing customer service.  Gallery Systems continues to manufacture a major percentage of products in Australia, supports local industry and takes every step to preserve the environment.

Some major locations you can find Gallery Systems’ products are:


The story of Gallery Systems started some 32 years ago. After quitting the corporate world in 1984 founder and inventor, Bruce Green, bought a retail furniture and decorating business in Sydney, Australia where his path towards picture hanging systems began. Coincidentally, the store sold a lot of prints. Luckily for our story there was no adequate hanging system in the store. So Bruce set about installing one. As with most first incarnations, the system did not work very well. Back to the drawing board! Bruce set about designing a system that was both strong enough to hang the pictures he needed to display as well as being easy to use. The first system worked well enough, but it was a bit ‘rough around the edges’. After further development, the system was patented.

However, that was not the end of the journey. In 1991 Bruce moved to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia to launch the new version of The Gallery System. Since this launch, many new products have been introduced. These include a stainless steel cable system, a traditional picture rail system, an integrated lighting system, the Slimline art hanging system and more recently the Clearline range of products.

Over the years sales grew quickly and interest was shown from the US.  Exhibiting Gallery Systems’ products at a New York trade show in the mid 90’s led to a major American distribution (Gallery Systems Art Displays) and other exports around the world.

Apart from introducing new products to the market, the biggest move for Gallery Systems was to start selling products online in the United Kingdom and Europe.  One of the key factors in keeping Gallery Systems competitive within the UK market is storing the products in a local warehouse in Leicestershire.  The goods are dispatched from there, Pick & Pack Express in Leicestershire keeping the costs low and delivery fast.