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Slimline Art Hanging System
Slimline Art Hanging System
Slimline Art Hanging System
Slimline Art Hanging System
Slimline Art Hanging System
Slimline Art Hanging System

Slimline Art Hanging System

The Slimline Art Hanging System


This is our most unobtrusive art hanging system yet – ideal for use in the home or office, or anywhere you wish to hang lighter works.


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Hang Your Art Like The Professionals


Developed in our Australian factory, we have combined the latest picture hanging technology with sleek good looks to produce an unrivaled Slimline System. Without compromising on quality or strength, we have made the Slimline Art Hanging System affordable to all.



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Why Choose the Slimline Art Hanging System?


Hanging artwork is an integral part of good interior design. It’s also the perfect way to celebrate family and friends, by capturing those memories in photographs and displaying them on your walls. Or perhaps you have some budding Picassos in the house and you’re proud to show off their paintings!

You can do all this and more with the easy-to-use Slimline Art Hanging System, changing your display whenever you feel the urge. And you’ll enjoy the same Gallery System benefits with –


  • NO damage to your walls,
  • NO nails AND
  • NO sore thumbs!    ….. ever again!


Renting? Don’t waste time and money on stick-on picture hooks that don’t work and you run the risk of damaging walls or having your art fall to the floor. Invest in a Slimline Art Hanging System and take it with you when you move, with just a couple of holes to fix.


What’s available?


Purchase everything you need online for the Slimline Art Hanging System, including track, hangers and a choice of adjustable hooks.  To make ordering super simple click HERE to Build Your Own System


If you are keen to understand more here is what you need –


Available in powder-coated (white) or anodised aluminium (satin silver), Slimline Track comes in 2m lengths and includes one pack of five wall anchors (screws not included) to attach your track to the wall. It’s easy to mount, unobtrusive and you can extend the system as you need it.



Choose from stainless steel cables or clear tape to suit your décor. Hangers come in packs of 10 x 2m lengths. The hangers are easy to fix to your track.



Simply slide the hooks onto your hangers and away you go you are ready to hang your art. Hanging artwork has never been so quick and easy. Choose from Slimline Mini Hooks (for use with the Slimline Clear Tape or Slimline Stainless Cable) or Slimline Push-Button Hooks (for use with the Slimline Stainless Cable only) and rest assured that your artwork is secure.


To rearrange your display, you just slide the hangers and hooks into a new position.


In summary, choose your Slimline System in 3 easy steps:


STEP 1 – Choose your Slimline Track

STEP 2 – Choose your Slimline Hangers – Either Slimline Clear Tape or Slimline Stainless Steel Cable

STEP 3 – Choose your Slimline Adjustable hooks – Either Slimline Mini Hooks (compatible with Slimline tape or cable) or Slimline Push Button Hooks (compatible with Slimline cable)

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