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The Gallery System
The Gallery System
The Gallery System
The Gallery System
The Gallery System
The Gallery System

The Gallery System

The Gallery System


Ideal for use in the gallery, or for hanging heavier artwork at home, the Gallery System is our original system. Designed to hold up to 20kg on one hook, this is the system to choose for good looks and peace of mind.


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What makes The Gallery System the #1 choice?


The Gallery System was invented and developed in Australia over 30 years ago. Still produced in our Australian factory, it is continually tested and improved to ensure 100% quality and value for our customers.
Artists and homeowners alike love this system, because it’s affordable, fast and easy to use and won’t let you down. You’ll find this art hanging system all over the world, in tens of thousands of galleries, museums, government buildings, universities, homes and offices. Wherever there is a wall, a gallery hanging system can be used.


What’s available?

Purchase everything you need online for the Gallery System, including track, hangers and a choice of adjustable hooks.



Available in powder-coated (white) or anodised aluminium (satin silver), Gallery Systems Track comes in 2m lengths. It’s very simple to mount, unobtrusive and you can extend the system as you wish over time.



Our hangers are designed to easily attach to the track and are available in stainless steel cables or clear tape to suit your décor.



It’s amazing how something so small can be so strong! Our picture hanging hooks are designed to last and won’t let you down. Available as Allen Key Hooks (suitable for the Gallery Clear Tape or Gallery Stainless Cable) or Push-Button Hooks (suitable for Gallery Stainless Cable only), they simply slide onto the hangers to hold your picture or photograph in place.


To rearrange your display, you just slide the hangers and hooks into a new position. It takes just minutes!


Complete your The Galley System in 3 easy steps:

STEP 1 – Choose your Gallery Track

STEP 2 – Choose your Gallery Hanger – Either Gallery Clear Tape Hangers or Gallery Stainless Steel Cable Hangers

STEP 3 – Choose your Gallery Accessories


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