Gary Myers

Being one of the first galleries to have used your lighting system, my initial gallery in Maleny achieved excellent results in sales and I credit this directly to the excellent illumination of our artwork. The same result but in a completely different gallery space (warehouse) was achieved in my South Melbourne Studio/Gallery. I am now in the process of establishing Maleny Arts Retreat which will incorporate a gallery space of over 250 square metres. As my first choice of lighting is your Gallery Lighting, we will be using your system. The obvious benefits to me are low installation cost, low running cost, versatility, low heat and of course, the excellent overall effect of the lights on the artwork. Another benefit some people may overlook is that with the lighting system being direct onto the artwork, we are able to keep the rest of the lighting in the gallery to a minimum, if not delete it altogether, therefore minimizing any distraction from the artwork. I also use your system as permanent lighting for my artwork in the main living area of our home, as it creates a wonderful ambience. Looking forward to doing business with you again shortly. Thanking you again,