What bits do I need to make up a system?

For both The Gallery System and the Slimline art hanging system you need to order track, hangers, and hooks. For the Traditional Picture Rail system, you will already have your own traditional picture rails installed.  You need to choose your picture rail packs (packs of 5) and adjustable hooks (packs of 10). If you find […]

Can I phone you if I have questions?

You are most welcome to phone through any questions. Unfortunately, though, Australia is in a completely different time zone to the UK. We do find that our systems are all quite simple, and nearly all queries can be handled via emails. Phone: 61 7 5493 8400 email: info@thegallerysystem.com

What metals do the traditional picture rail hooks come in?

The traditional Picture Rail hooks come in either solid brass or solid stainless steel. They have a lacquer coating to prevent tarnishing. The traditional picture rail hooks are sold in packs of 5. Each pack comes with 5 x picture rail hooks and 5 x 2m cables.

Can I cut the Stainless Steel Cable if the hangers are too long?

NO, DO NOT CUT THE STAINLESS STEEL CABLE.  The cable comes in 2m lengths as standard.  Each cable is cut and the end is heat-sealed in our factory so it won’t fray.  If you cut the cable it will fray and you won’t be able to thread on the adjustable hooks.  To solve the problem […]

Is the track pre-drilled?

No. The Gallery System track hole spacing depends on the type of wall construction. The Slimline track is fitted to the wall using nylon ‘Wall Anchors’ and does not need to be drilled. See track installation directions on the website for more details.