Picture Hanging Systems – A Hanging System For Everyone!

If you have art to hang, Gallery Systems has a picture hanging system for you. You don’t need to be an art collector or gallery to take advantage of the benefits of a hanging system. Our systems can hang anything from a Picasso collection to family happy snaps.

Systems manufactured by Gallery Systems include the Slimline System for a more unobtrusive look; the Traditional Picture Rail System to utilise your own picture rails; and The Gallery System for displays where you have heavier pieces. Gallery Systems has been manufacturing hanging systems for over 30 years with 10’s of 1000’s of happy customers hanging millions of paintings across the globe using our systems.

Picture Hanging System

There are just three simple components that make up our core picture hanging systems. These are –

    1. Track (in white or paintable anodized aluminum) mount on your wall, typically two to three metres above the floor. Track sections can be mounted end-to-end to span a long wall or cut to fit a short space.
    2. Hangers (clear plastic tape or stainless-steel cable) are inserted into the track and hang close to the wall. The hangers slide horizontally along the track to any position along the wall.
    3. Hooks attach to the hangers and slide up and down to any desired height.When locked in place, they are ready to securely hold your art.

End result: you can place the picture hanging system hooks exactly where they’re needed,with no nails or wall damage, and adjust them at any time when you want to reposition or replace the artworks. It’s convenient, cost-effective, and allows you to achieve new levels of precision in hanging.

How to hang pictures on the wall

When hanging art, it is appropriate to make good visual decisions, and create engaging displays. Marilyn Swift, a painter and longtime gallery owner in Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA, notes that personal taste and individual situations are extremely varied, so there aren’t any true rules to hanging art. However, apply your own taste and visual aptitude, to achieve great results. Marilyn has these six simple steps to help:

  1. Choose the right height. Create an imaginary horizontal line for consistent vertical placement of the works, at a viewer-friendly height. Hang large items so this line divides them in half across their midsection. Smaller items can be “double hung” in two rows, above and below, with the centerline halfway between.
  2. Edit. Decide how much will really fit on the walls you’re working with. Don’t overcrowd as it can be visually overwhelming and detract from each piece. The two-row technique can be useful for putting more pieces on a wall; it can also work to put a smaller piece over a larger one.
  3. Experiment and Observe. To find the right arrangement, lay the works out along the floor at the foot of the wall, and try different combinations. “They shouldn’t fight,” is how Swift puts it. “You need to step back and look, and constantly readjust with a fresh eye that you only get from a distance. A wall can be too chaotic, or it can be too quiet.
  4. Adjust. Try different spacing to give the works room to breathe. Proper spacing depends on many factors, including the size of the work, and how it is framed. Swift explains “Pieces in ornate frames may need more space.
  5. Wait. “If you have the time, come in the next day with a fresh eye, and often you can see where you need to make adjustments before you commit,” says Swift.
  6. Hang! After going through this process, you can plot the exact locations for the pieces in your display and hang with confidence. Swift notes, however, that the desire to tweak is virtually universal, and that the use of a picture hanging system rather than nails in the wall can be a huge help, and a great way to take stress out of the hanging process.

This extract is with thanks from an interview with Marilyn Swift. Also thank you to Gallery System Art Display, USA for allowing us to use this content www.gallerysystem.com

Advantages of picture hanging systems

By installing a picture hanging system manufactured by Gallery Systems you will be making it much easier to hang, adjust,and update your art displays. All without damaging your walls.

The Gallery System is our original art hanging system. It is ideal for art galleries, museums and schools, or wherever there is a need to hang heavier art. It is a strong and flexible display system which lets you change your art quickly, and all without damaging your walls. Hanging art can be a time-consuming business, so one of the system’s advantages is its speed of use, saving a lot of time and energy.

The Slimline System has been designed to be unobtrusive based on a very slim track which is designed to butt up against the ceiling or cornice where it is less visible.The Slimline System is perfect for use in homes, offices, galleries or wherever there is a need to hang lighter artwork (up to 15kg).

The Traditional Picture Rail System combines a traditional look and feel with the functionality of a modern art hanging system. Utilise your own picture rails with our unique solid brass or solid stainless-steel picture rail hooks. Then pair with our stainless-steel cable hangers and adjustable hooks to create a classic display.


In short, there are many reasons to use a hanging system which include:

    • No more nails in the wall or damaged walls to repair
    • Align your pictures perfectly horizontally or vertically in minutes


  • Install once and then dramatically reduce the time it takes to hang all your
    precious pictures on the wall


  • Saves time and money

For any queries or to find a supplier in your area please email info@thegallerysystem.com .