Track & Wall Anchors

NOTE:  When installing the slimline track onto plasterboard walls, it is recommended it is secured to the wall by screwing into as many wall studs as possible.  If it is not possible to line up with all available wall studs you can use plasterboard fittings (wallmates).   The wall anchors are used to fix the […]


Both the Slimline Clear Tape and Stainless Steel Cable Hangers fit into the track in the same way as shown.     As long as you do not exceed the maximum weight recommendations below you can hang two or more pictures on each hanger.   How strong is it?   Slimline Clear Tape Hangers Recommended […]

Mini Hooks

These hooks fit both the Slimline Clear Tape and the Stainless Steel Cable Hangers.   Directions: Loosen the screw using the Allen key provided.  Feed the end of the clear tape (or Stainless cable) through the hook body. Slide to the required position and tighten with the Allen Key.     Recommended Weights: Clear Tape 7kg (15 lbs) […]

Push-Button Hooks

These Hooks Are For Use With Slimline Stainless Steel Cable Hangers Only.   Directions: Fit the stainless steel cable into the top of the hook.  To move the hook along the cable press the button on the top of the hook as shown. While the button is down the hook will move freely. The hook grips […]

End Caps

End Caps And Covers Give A More Finished Look To The Track Ends.   To Cap the end of a single length of track     Push the End Cap into the end of the track as shown in Figure 1. Snap the twin covers in two and fit the single cover into the End […]